What is ISP/ICP Programming (Read and Write) ?

It is the ability of devices to being programmed while installed in a complete system , rather than requiring the chip to be programmed prior installing or prior to being mounted .
Most programmable logic devices use a variant of the JTAG protocol for ISP, in order to facilitate easier integration with automated testing procedures in case the JTAG solution is not supported or not implemented by your device you are going to deal with eMMC Booster
Supporting all required signal levels and Voltages for eMMC to work on the PCB/Device without need of any external power supply or any other external devices gives you a tremendous advantages to get the work done .

Reading Phase :

Easy to read-out the data (Dump) from the eMMC Memory without need of doing chip-off for the forensics purposes .

Writing Phase :

Easy to write / re-programm the eMMC Memory without need of doing chip-off ( resolder ) for the repair purposes .

  • Repair/Fix a Dead Boot
  • Re-Programm new replaced eMMC IC with New Firmware ( Boot and kernel images )
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